Areas of Competition

The Miss Florida Caribbean competition judging system is designed to promote diversity, individuality and overall achievement among all contestants. Judges score the individual contestants immediately following each phase of competition. Contestant are score on a 1-10-point scale, in whole numbers, within each category (more than one contestant may receive the same score). There will be one panel of judges for the Preliminary Interview Competition and the Grand Coronation Show.

The Press Conference style interview is conducted a day before the pageant. In the interview the Judge's will have the opportunity to spend 5 minutes with each contestant to learn as much as possible about each contestant. During the actual show, all the contestants will compete in National Costume (Award only, does not goes toward total score) Swimsuit, Talent and Evening Gown Competition on stage. This is how the top five finalist scores are determined. All the judges will be educated about the Miss Florida Caribbean judging system. This is the weighing of the scores.

  • Preliminary Interview - 25% of overall score
  • Swimsuit Fitness (Miss & Teen) - 25% of overall score
  • Casual Wear (Jr. Miss & Little Miss) - 25% of overall score
  • Evening Gown - 25% of overall score